It Gets Better

Sorry for the lack of posts. Right before Thanksgiving and it is crunch time! I have to leave for class soon, but I just found this inspiring video made by some of the employees at Disney’s PIXAR. They’re letting everyone know, gay or straight, that IT GETS BETTER.

I know I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, and everyone at PIXAR knows you do too.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!


Inspiring Engagement Photos

Sometimes on my blog I will post about articles, products, or other things I find neat overall. I stumbled this a little more than a month ago and forgot to blog about it.

Wildflowers Photography was founded by Joy Prouty and her photography is absolutely breathtaking.  She specializes in wedding and engagement photos and she captures the essence of everyone’s relationship perfectly. Her photos have a classic, vintage style which I absolutely love as well.

Now, if you haven’t seen the Disney PIXAR movie “UP” WATCH IT. You might cry, if you do that at movies, like I do. But it’s a good cry. Not to mention the animation is so much fun. This particular couple wanted to model their love affair and engagement photos after this film and I LOVE it. Someday, when I get married, I want to travel to California and have my engagement or wedding photos taken by Joy. The photos are tailored to the couple’s own love story and most of them time are designed by them. It is your big day, shouldn’t your photos reflect that?

Visit Joy’s website and take a look at the rest of her work.

Lessons to End Bullying Cause Opposition

According to a recent New York Times article Helena, Montana school systems are trying to take steps to end anti-gay bullying early by educating elementary school students as young as first graders about the different “dynamics” that can make up a family. Angry parents and religious groups believe that the bullying should stop but that the “liberals and gay rights groups are using the antibullying banner to pursue a hidden “homosexual agenda.”

This makes me sad. We all know that the Christians live by the Bible and the Bible says that homosexuality is forbidden, I don’t have to say that. But it makes me upset that everyone is not looking at this as a way to educate students young about homosexuality, to rid ignorance, and stop anymore teen suicides in the future from happening. This is about children’s safety, security, and acceptance at school.


When teaching this kind of lesson, I understand that the language of the material needs to be delicate and suitable for the age group, which is why I understand that when school officials in Montana wanted to teach 5th graders that sexual intercourse can involve “vaginal, oral or anal penetration” was a big no-no. But when school officials in California wanted to implement a new tolerance lesson after noticing grade school students using gay slurs and teasing children for having gay parents caused an uproar among parents and was even taken to court, I don’t understand. The lesson was going to use a book titled, “And Tango Makes Three,” a book in which two male penguins bond and raise a child. The nerve.

Read the article for yourself.  All I am trying to say is I very much believe that it is important for us to teach children that every family is different. One mom, one dad, 2 dads, 2 moms. You DON’T have to come out and teach them about homosexuality. By letting them know that everyone is different and that doesn’t make them weird, or a freak, or whatever derogatory, hateful terms are used these days. Children being accepting and kind to one another doesn’t seem like a bad world to me. Maybe if this plan started a long time ago, we wouldn’t have lost so many young lives in the past month.

Think about it.